Cattails in the Meadow

i just finished quilting my hubby’s Cattails in the Meadow, made from a Judy Niemeyer or Quiltworx pattern, and using fabric also from Quiltworx!  When I wrote the blog   Voices in My Head and Post Voices in My Head it was this quilt I was quilting….. 



So often when I finish a quilt, I think to myself, this is my favorite quilting ever!  Guess what?  This is my favorite quilting EVER!!! 

I started planning the quilting on this one while away on a little ski trip.  I used an app called You Doodle, to draw on a photo of the quilt. A little influence here from my daughter Kathleen Quilts….

I do not do this real often, most of the time I just start quilting. But I can see the benefit, mostly in thinking about the quilt as a whole.  The down side was the 1st thing I started when I got the quilt loaded was the border, and I could see my original plan was not going to show up on the border print, so back to the drawing board I went.  Literally… 


Yup, out came my trusty plexiglass!  I did not go with the above design either, but it will go on some quilt someday!  What I did decide on does not show much either, however, the border needed quilting as dense as I planned the rest of the quilting…so here is a shot from the back where it does show!


And in this picture it does show a bit…. 


On the other side of the zig zag I quilted “Ghost Shapes,” inspired by my class with Krista Withers.  I really had fun with this.  Someone told me they look like Star Treck symbols,…. 

This picture also shows my feather pathway (again inspired by a class with Krista Withers).  I had this pathway weaving in and out of the lone star points and the Cattails….

I like my design for the Center even though it does not show a lot.  I did not what it to overpower the piecing…. 




And just a few more photos….


      Our store, Quilting From the Heart is vending at the Central Alberta Quilt Show in Red Deer this weekend.  This quilt will be hanging in our booth. So if your in Alberta, come by the show and have a look….

Still having way too much fun….



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