Straight Line Quilting Around Applique


Quick tutorial today on straight line quilting around applique with uneven edges…..

So I have been adding a lot more straight line quilting to my repertoire.  I love the look of straight lines mixed in with other quilting designs.  

My usual method is to stitch across the area I am stitching in till I reach the edge, then sneak up the ditch of the other side for 1/4″, then stitch back across the area. I usually use a ruler when I do straight lines.

Recently I was quilting a straight line pattern around an appliquéd cat on a quilt designed by McKenna Ryan.  I was doing my usual method. I’m stitched across the piece up to the edge of the cat, followed the edge of the cat till I was 1/4″ away from the previous line, then back across the area.  

Following the edge of the cat was very tedious! Not fun…… Then, on impulse and without really thinking, instead of sneaking up the edge of the cat, with the ruler still held firmly in place, I simply backtracked right on top of the straight line I had just stitched, then moved up the edge on the straight side and then stitched the next line the same way!  So much easier and you cannot tell I backtracked as the ruler kept the stitching right on top of the last stitching! 



Sometimes stitching something a little longer route I actually faster!  In this case significantly!  And I think it looked better too….

I also used the same idea here… 


It was easier to backtrack on the straight line, than follow the curvy edge.  When I reached the straight diagonal line, I stitched back to sneaking up the edge, and you can see my “sneak”…opps!  Perhaps I should have backtracked on the straight lines the whole way…..

Back to my Milli to finish the quilt I am playing on! Way too much fun!  



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