Post Voices in My Head….

This morning my friend Deanne, who has had her mid-arm for about a 1 1/2 years was at our store, and asked for clarification on my blog from last night.  One of the problems with writing a blog at night is time is limited, and I am tired!  Also, writing does not come naturally to me, it is a struggle.  Anyways, let me explain a few things that I explained to Deanne, that I now wish I had included last night.

Why quilt in the dark?

I can see why she asked that.  It is all about shadows and texture! Low lighting, and a side light ( I will get back to that in a moment) create shadows and you can see the texture you are creating so much easier!  For years I have been putting as much light as I can on my quilting, now I am turning them off…..go figure!

What is a side light?  Check out this YouTube video by Jamie Wallen.  After taking classes with Jamie a few years ago, I have been following him. Another fabulous teacher!  Anyways when I saw this video we made a side light and I love it!  I have as of yet not made it all pretty, but some day….

Why would you turn off your stitch regulator?

This is a good one.  We pay a lot of extra money to have a stitch regulator and then we turn it off?!  Really…….

Yup!  Almost every longarm class I have taken (and actually that is getting to be quite a few classes), the instructor  encourages us to turn off our stitch regulator for free motion work.  And every time I try it, am convinced, and then gradually loose confidence and go back to using my stitch regulator for everything….

So why turn it off?  A stitch regulator puts drag on your machine.  When you turn it off, your machine moves much freer!  Thus more fluid designs. Let me repost a couple of pictures to make my point.  This 1st picture was stitched with a stitch regulator (and the lights on). 

Not bad, but look at how much more fluid the echos around the cattails are when Inturned off the stitch regulator (and the lights)! 

Ok, why do I keep adding, “and the lights?”

I did not add this part when I talked about lights with the 1st question, because it was a surprise bonus  and it has to do with fluid stitching!  I found, when I turned out the lights, my focus was softer, my tension less, and as a result the stitching became more like a dance, and my motions less calculated, just kinda came from some hidden part of my heart, and thus became much more natural….

Does that make sense?  Your feed back is encouraged……


4 responses to “Post Voices in My Head….

  1. makes a lot of sense to me about the lights, because I am assuming that in your shop you have flourescent lights, and they cause my whole body to tense up

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