Voices in my head….

2nd blog today, the sky must be falling….:)

Ok, I just had the most amazing quilting evening, and I am just bubbling, so thought I would write a blog….

After a fabulous day quilting my husbands Cattails in the meadows, I decided to return to our store this evening so I could play some more.  And my evening was even more amazing than the day!  Let me tell you why…..

Voices in my head!

Tonight, as well as feling very inspired by this qult, I had a few amazing quilters voices running around in my head.

First was a delightful quilter from Austrailia that I met at QuiltCon, Gemma Jackson!  Have a read of her blog from yesterday. She was talking about how QuiltCon influenced her quilting.  How the 1st quilt she did was pretty much a carbon copy of the instructors quilting, but in the second quilt, she made it her own…..hmmmmmmm…….

Second, was the voice of an amazing teacher I had at QuiltCon, Krista Withers!  Things like turn your stitch regulator off….vertical and horizontal lines can be quilted without a ruler…. her quilt path concept….ghost shapes….

3rd was the voice of my amazing daughter Kathleen!  Words like: crazy awesome…..over the top quilting….course you can….

So here I am quilting along, and a whole bunch of things came together, several ideas blended, and turned into my own way of quilting…..On a Quiltworx (Judy Niemeyer) quilt, the kind of quilt I get lots of to quilt…..

So my quilt path, was a little more symmetrical than Krista’s, but it’s there, traveling in th negative space, weaving under the points and cattails…. 


And do you see my Ghost shapes?  They echo the zig zag border.  Mush more traditional than Krista’s, probably because it is not a modern quilt….

So I was alone at my store, so I turned the lights out and quilted in the dark!  So Amazing!  Wish the lights were not all on one switch, so I could quilt in the dark, or semi dark during buisness hours!

Next, I turned off my stitch regulator!  The following is a section I did with the lights on and using my stitch regulator… 


The next picture is with no lights on and stitch regulator off.  Notice how much better the echo lines around the cattails flows?! 🙂 


So glad I listened to the voices…..

So glad I had these voices in my head….

So glad I love what I do…..

Stay tuned for more on this quilt when it is finished….

14 responses to “Voices in my head….

  1. Thank you for this post, reading it late at night after a tough day. I savor these voices, glad to be one of yours.

  2. It’s beautiful – yes, quilt in the dark! I have a little side light that I lay across my bars and it really helps with texture and shadows. Love what you did with this quilt – love you added your flavour to it!

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