And on that Farm…..

Just finished quilting one of my own quilts, And on that Farm!  It is a McKenna Ryan pattern. With my agricultural roots, this one held a lot of appeal for me….. 


This quilt has a lot of fabric with texture, so I tryed to follow the fabric in quite a few places,  like in the background of this chicken.  You will see this type of quilting in the background in quite a few places….


I particularly like the sky in the barn scene…. 


 It did not have such a good start, I had the sun finished and then realized I had made a setting sun in a very bright sky….so I ripped it out…. 

The border I really like, with a ribbon weaving in and out of the flowers… 



The applique is all stitched down with invisible thread on the Longarm, becoming the quilting as well.  Sometimes that was enough stitching in the applique, sometimes it was not.  The barns needed a little more stitching, and that was easy, I just added lines to imitate barn board.  The animals on the bottom row, we’re not so easy!  I resorted to googling!   


As we would say on the farm, just a couple of “stray” pictures… 




Next I need to get the embellishments on, a handle on the apple basket, a cow bell on the cow and apples on the apple tree! I am sewing with a group of friends on Friday, so that will be what I work on!  

Too fun……


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