Consistant Free Motion Motifs

Today’s tip is requiring how to make your Free Motion Motifs come out consistant in Size, shape and placement.

As I quilt a lot of Judy Niemeyer Quilts, the example I use will be one of her quilts that my Hubby, Roger pieced. 

Let me start with a photo of the finished quilt.

The  Quilting motif in the Center of the rings is one that morphed from a drawing session one evening.  I really like it.  You will notice it is placed in the middle of the ring centres and there is space around the design before the rings.  So how to keep it this assemetrical design in the centre, and keep it from changing size from one block to the next?  

This is a trick I use often.  I trace out the shape of the piecing where I will be playing the design.  I trace it on my ever handy piece of plexiglass, then lay a piece of card stock or template material over it and retrace it. Now I cut out the piecing  shape, so I can lie it on the block and line it up with the piecing.  

Next  I draw out the quilting pattern on the template, and cut away a simple part of the pattern that would give me something to mark on the quilt.

In this case I cut away the s shaped wide spine.  In fact I cut away the spine for all the feather patterns I do.  Her is another….

Now as I mark the quilt I simply place this template on the quilt, lining up the piecing with the edge of the template and Mark the cut out area with a marking pencil…..easy, fast and accurate! 😄

Next week, stay tuned for a look at how I organize these templates and other quilt specific aids for future use…..

And now, I have a quilt loaded and ready to go, and so off to qult I go…..TOO MUCH FUN!!!


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