Fluttering away…..

Just finished this quilt for my customer Liz Maki?  It was way TOO FUN to quilt!  

Liz was part of the club that our store had to make this quilt.  The pattern is from Tula Pink. We all had a lot of fun in the club.

Just before I started this quilt I was in Austen, Texas at QuiltCon, the conference of The Modern Quilt Quild.  While I was there I took four Longarm classes. So Liz’s quilt was good timing for using some of my new skills!  I took a class from Krista Withers called Compositional quilting.  I used this in the black parts of this quilt….

Liz asked me to quilt in some antenna.  I was unsure what I was going to do.  I started with some metalic thread and quilted some antenna.  My plan was for the compositional quilting to go under the antenna.  So I stood threer looking at the metalic thread antenna and said to myself, that is not wide enough to get the effect of the quilting travelling under the antenna….now what.  I started up the machine and echoed the antenna, and feathers started flowing out!  And I loved it!

I also took a class called Ghost Shaped from Krista Withers.  I wanted to put some Ghost shapes into the bottom corners, but had not settled on what those shapes would be.  The night before I got to the bottom corners, a delightful girl I met at QuiltCon, Gemma Jackson of Pretty Bobbins in Australia (http://prettybobbins.com), posted an awesome picture of Lettering she had inserted into her Compositional Drawing!  I had my idea.  

Liz is also a good friend of mine, so I know her well.  When she was a child her nick name was Lamb.  Of course she outgrew the nick name.  Later when she married, her new initials were L.A.M.  As it reminder her of her childhood nickname, she has since used her initials liberally in anything she owns.  She also collects Lamb stuffies, and generally sews with one perched on her machine!  It is too cute….So after getting her approval, I quilted her initials in one corner.  My style was a little different than Gemma’s, but she was devinatley the inspiration.  Thank you Gemma!

I finished the initials corner right before coffee break.  During coffee break my hubby challenged me to quilt a lamb ghost shape in the other corner.  I did not want to put a big lamb picture in a butterfly quilt, but I did put a little one.  Shhhhh……don’t tell Liz, let’s see how long it takes her to find it!

In the other corner I used butterfly patterns from a class I took last spring with Judi Madson….

In the butterfly I quilted block by block using mostly straight line ideas…

The top and bottom borders featured a beautiful border print.  I always struggle with how to quilt these.  I do not want to draw a pattern over the top of them that would distract from the border print.  In the end I simply used invisible thread and stitched around the flowers and then filled in the black with straight lines so that the flowers poped.  Simple but effective…. in the other part of the border I stitched this straight line design which I repeated in the butterfly body…

I have mentioned before that my Longarm is at our store and is in the classroom.  So I have the unique situation where sometimes when I am quilting a customer may be in the room taking a class. That happened with this quilt.!  Liz was here the last two days I worked on her quilt!

Liz is the one in the pink shirt.

So Liz was here to see her quilt when I finished!

I think she liked it!  🙂 I love seeing my customers reactions!

Well I had best get back to my machine…..more fun waiting for me! 


4 responses to “Fluttering away…..

  1. Love this post, both the Tula Pink butterfly (on my to do list) and your generosity in sharing your quilting process and allowing us to see where you get your inspiration. I love also that you acknowledge these inspiring people! Hugs to you.

    ps slightly envious that you are near enough to take classes with such great names in the quilting world. xxx ooo

    • Thank you for your compliments! I actually have traveled extensively to take some of these classes! Alberta to Texas is a fair journey! Soon I will be writing a blog on my learning adventures!

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