Solitions for Static Electricity!

I love in Central Alberta, Canada.  We are Winter mode here.  

This is a picture taken last week during a storm.

That means our humidity is inceadibly low.  Cold air holds very little water.  Then we heat that dry air in our homes and businesses and dry it out even more…The result is Static Electricity!

Last week there was so much static electricity that my thread was sticking to everything, including my machine.

Here is thread clinging to my machine. It also clings to my fingers hard enough I cannot shake it off….

This causes all sorts of trouble, but mostly the thread keeps breaking… 😦 a most frustrating experience…

As this happens every winter, I have discovered a few solutions.

I use an anti static spray applied to a cloth and rub down the machine eveywhere the thread comes in contact with.

I spray water on the quilt top and very heavily on the batting layer. 

I run a humidifier right under my machine.

I made little humidifiers for each thread drawer.  Inspired by my daughters guitar humidifier, I simply found a small container, cut a hole in the lid and cut a sponge to fit.  To fill, remove sponge place in pail of water, squeeze sponge tight and then let it go.  Sponge will be full of water.  Put it back in the small container.  Using a sponge keeps water from sloping when drawers are pulled open.  I refill these about once a week.

All these things together seem to solve my problems with Static Electricity!  Quilting is so much more fun when the thread does not break every 6 inches!!!

Till next time, happy quilting! 


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