Piecing Batting on a Longarm Frame!


This tip is especially for LongArm/midarm quilters. It will happen to all of us at some time. That oh d{%}*+#^ moment, how did mess that up, I do not have enough batting and the quilt is loaded and mostly done….now what…..

Well, I am a little embarrassed to say it happens to me….too often….often enough I came up with a fix that I can do without taking the quilt off the frame! Here is what I do….

1. Advance quilt till batting lines up with backing bar. Trim batting parallel to roller , keeping as straight as possible. I mark with chalk and a long ruler.


2. Cut light weight fusible interfacing into 2″ strips. I will use this to fuse a new piece of batting to the piece that is too short. There is a pre cut product on the market. I prefer to use fusible interfacing. I have trouble with the other product curling up when I fuse it. Plus I am cheep! It is much more cost effective to make your own. I cut up a meter at a time, it takes seconds and I am ready to go next time….


3. Next I line up the new piece of batting, using pins to pin it to the rail, keeping the raw edges as close together as possible.



3. Next lay a strip on fusible interfacing centred on the seam. Make sure you have the glue side (bumpy side) next to batting.


4. Now use an iron to fuse batting in place.



5. Your done! Continue quilting….



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