Squaring your backing……


Just a brief blog today about why backing needs to be square and how to make it square….

When I quilted my quilts with my domestic machine, it never occurred to me that square backing mattered. I would tape my backing to the floor, lay the batting on top, Center the quilt on that and pin everything together. And I must say it was never a problem or concern. Then I started running a Longarm……….

You see, we cannot lay out the backing and Center the quilt on top of it. We start by loading the whole backing, rolling it up on the rollers. If the back is not square, this is what happens….

The next step is to Center the quilt on this roller. In this case, the quilt was square. Also in this case, the batting was cut with the backing as a guide. I loaded the top as far to the left as I could, but I still ran out of room on the right….

This backing should have been large enough, but because it was not square, I could not use it.

Here is how a square back looks on the rollers….



So how do I make the back square. Let me start with Extra wide backings. These 108″ pieces of fabric are NEVER rolled on the cardboard square, never, ever…..if these fabrics are simply cut off the bolt, they can be as much as 10″ out of square. We have found the only way to get these wide backs square is to tear them. If the shop you buy them from does not tear them, ask them to tear!

As far as a simple pieced back, I did write a blog on getting these square some time ago. Here is the link: https://rosecityquilter.wordpress.com/2012/03/05/a-quick-and-easy-way-to-make-a-perfectly-square-quilt-back/

That is it for tonight! Better late than never….


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