Yes I can do less dense quilting!

Because I do a lot of custom quilting, there has been a misconception that I do not quilt all overs, stippling and pantos, that I only do dense custom. NOT TRUE! I do everything: stippling, pantos, free hand all overs, custom……My pricing is based on how long things take. A large stipple goes fast, so is the best bargain at 1 1/2 cents/square inch. I do do a lot of all over designs and pantos, just do not feature them as much in my pictures. They range in price from 2 -3 cents a square inch. And of course I do a lot of custom work, which takes a lot longer, thus is priced a little higher at 8-12 cents/square inch.

This week was a good example of less dense quilting. Because we had a sale on and I was needed on the sales floor quite a bit, I quilted all overs. Here is what I did in addition to waiting on customers…..

This one was made by Roger Kerr and is quilted with a panto called Sweet Pea by Urban Elementz




These three quilts are charity quilts, made from blocks donated by my retreat attendees and put together by my Mom…






And this one is made by Janice Steiner and is quilted with the panto Fireflower by Lorien Quilting….




Here are a few other recent quilts I have not featured.

This one is made by Audrey Tyrrell, and has a panto in the Center and a custom border. I priced this one at 3 cents a square inch…




This one is one of my own and shows one of my freehand all over designs, this I price at 2 cents/square inch….



I was raised on a farm where we did a lot of some things and a little of everything. I am kinda like that in my quilting….I do a lot of custom quilting, and a little of everything, and I love it all! Each type of quilting has its place……


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