Ardelle’s Tuesday Tips- Quilting the Arcs on Wedding Ring Quilts

Trying something new for my blog….at our store I am well known for my “Tips,” so I thought I would try to share some! Sometimes they will be Longarm specific, sometimes they will be about piecing….

So for my first tip, a little lesson on how I stitch curved yet parallel lines on wedding ring quilts, like this one….


Anything this regular needs a ruler, there is no other way to get the precision needed. I quilt a lot of Judy Niemeyer quilts. Quite a number of these quilts have curves in them, so I have purchased many curved rulers, and each curve seems to need a different shape. At last I have found the perfect match for the wedding ring quilts, a curved ruler from Sew Kind Of Wonderful called QCR Sidekick Longarm Set.

I am amazed by this ruler and how great it works for me! It is a two piece ruler. That allows you to choose the ruler you will use so that you are never reaching around in awkward positions to hold on to it. This is especially helpful to those of us who are not ambidextrous!

Here is a picture of me using the ruler to ditch the wedding ring. On one side I use ruler one, on the other side of the rings I use ruler 2, and as a result I am not bent around trying to hold on and see…



After I ditch, I fill in the ring with three rows of stitching. I start in the Center of the ring, lining up the edge of the wedding ring with the curved lines printed on the ruler…


Next I move the ruler down and follow it back on another line, 1/2 way between the edge of the wedding ring and the line I just made (excuse the blurry picture)…

Then I stitch the last row. Each time I get to the end of the arc, I ditch to get to where I need to be next.

The next arc I stitched I needed ruler #2…


There are a couple of reasons I use three lines of stitching. There is a design principle that odd numbers look better then even numbers. And, three rows works well to keep continuous stitching on wedding rings if you plan your order. Here is how I stitch out the rings to keep continuous. The diagrams are colour coded. Blue lines are stitched 1st, purple stitched second and red stitched 3rd….

1st, stitch across the 1st row of arcs starting at the left…


Now sneak down the ditch to the second row or arcs and stitch back across the row like this….


Next you are going to stick more arc at a time. You will need to tie off and move to where the arrow is….OOPS! Arrow does not show real good, it is a mark in the margin, lower left corner of picture….


Now sneak down the ditch and come back like this….


Now you just keep alternating between the last two diagrams till your done….easy peasy…

Just my way or quickly quilting the arcs. I think the feathers in the centres steal the show, so something quick and easy in the arcs is good…

Till next Tuesday, happy quilting!


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