Bloomn’ Cogwheels

As you know I am a professional Longarm quilter. In addition, together with my husband, we own and operate a quilt shop called Quilting From the Heart. So as you can imagine, my life is pretty much quilts, quilts and more quilts. I Longarm most days during the day at our shop. Then I go home and piece quilt samples in our awesome studio at home. Then I start all over…..

A shop can never have too many samples, so everything I make is a sample for our store. Sometimes I make a quilt just because we need a sample of it, and sometimes I make a sample for our store because I really want to make it. This quilt is one I really, really wanted to make, and it did not let me down! It was fun to make and I love the results!


Bloomn’ Cogwheels is a book by Jenna L Thomas, the owner of a company called Bloc_Loc, who make rulers that lock on seams, an awesome concept that makes perfect blocks! I love their rulers! The Bloomn’ Cogwheels book is a series of “recipes” for Cogwheel blocks and basic instructions for using the 4 Blade Bloomn’ Cogwheel ruler. The basic premise is you build two strip sets, lock the 4 Blade ruler on the seam and cut wedges, sew wedges from the two strip sets together into a Cogwheel!Simple, stunning perfection!


Cogwheels are then appliquéd on a background. I used a pieced background and appliquéd the Cogwheels in a random grouping. Then I quilted it, extending the lines of some of the Cogwheels so they radiated out. My goal was to create movement. Here are some close ups of the quilting…..













I am very excited about this quilt, and have more ideas in my head of things I want to make using these “Recipies!” Stay tuned…..

Oh, by the way, I love what I do!


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