Spontaneous Creative Quilting! 😍

Yes, I am still alive. Blogging has not been a priority lately…..time to fix that…..

I had the best quilting day today! And I did not think I was going to find time to quilt…. Here is the story…

As well as being a long arm quilter, my hubby, Roger and I own a Quilt Shop called Quilting From the Heart (my Longarm is located at our store). Yes we are very busy, and a little crazy….😜

Anyhow, the last three days our annual fall sale was on. It was busy. However there are always slower moments, and being he kind of person who cannot sit still, I was quilting between busy spurts. Today we had less staff than we usually do for a Saturday during a sale, so I assumed I would get very little time to quilt. But I did find some time, and used it very efficiently, and quilted this adorable baby quilt, Pieced by Janice Steiner…..


What made it the best quilting day? Well, the first little spirt of time I found to quilt, I was standing at the frame looking at the fox wondering what to do and the thought came, to just start as I did not have long. So I turned the machine on, and just started moving the machine and was amazed at what came out…..


Wow, it was so fun!! So I waited on another “flurry”of amazing customers and then found a few more moments to quilt. So I tried it again, just turned on the machine, and….




And so the day continued….











It was an amazing feeling, to spontaneously allow my creative side to take over! I am going to try that again!

Oh my, I do love what I do……😍

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