Joan’s Prairie Star

Another Judy Neimeyer Quilt made by Joan Kruger. Joan started this quilt at our workshops with Judy last summer. This one is called Prairie Star and is one of my favourites. Joan made her quilt from a kit from our store, Quilting From the Heart.


As I have mentioned before, I like to quilt each one different. Some elements I have designs that really work well and I just keep using them, but other parts I find new ideas….

For instance I really like the design I call line dancing in the diamonds….


The new element in this quilt was swirly feathers. I usually do not do feathers in Judy Quilts, but Joan was in a class when I started her quilt and I asked her if she liked feathers and her whole face lit up so away I went…..







I hope Joan likes it as much as I do! Sure did have fun with this one….so much Loving what I do…..wait a minute, do I say that every time?!…..


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