Pinwheel Quilt

I quilted this one for Glenna Ramsay recently. She made it from blocks from an exchange she participated in. It will be a quilt for her Granddaughter. Lucky little girl, such a great quilt for a princess!


Glenna was at a UFO day at my store the day I first quilted out a panto called Daisies Galore from Willow Leaf Studio. Glenna has been saying every since, someday I want you to quilt something for me with Dasies Galore. Well, we finally found the right quilt for this panto! I love the cheerfull look it gives this quilt….



When Glenna saw the finished quilt, she said, “Oh yeah, that’s great!” With a big smile on her face….always gives me a thrill when a customer is pleased!

Yup, I sure do love what I do……


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