I am in Austin….

Yes, I have a life outside of longarming! Today my daughter Kathleen, my friends Susan and Deanne and I travelled to Austin, Texas to attend the 1st ever convention of the Modern Quilt movement, called QUILTCON!

Read all about it on my blog on Quilting From the Heart’ web page….
Yesterday’s blog,” QUILTCON”

Today’s blog, “We’re Here….”:

Watch this space all week for more updates….

Too much fun!


4 responses to “I am in Austin….

  1. I just discovered your blog, and you are an amazing inspiration! My sister and I have just gotten our short-arm quilter up and running and I can hardly wait to start practicing so I can try some of these ideas, I am half-way done with the piecing on a Bali-Star wedding ring quilt, 8 rings x 8 rings. Then I want to quilt it myself. We are having a blizzard in Oklahoma today to that means tomorrow will be a sew day – ‘Snow day = Sew Day’ God Bless you and your hubby!
    Linda Barnes

  2. I wish I could have taken the mod swirls class–was it a blast? It seemed like it would be. I am working on an idea for a quilt with a very large pieced curve in it, and was wondering if she might have had some insight. Would be interested to hear your thoughts on the show, as someone who has an interest in many types of quilting.

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