Example of Light Custom

Back to customer quilts!

Another by Janice Steiner. A fun quilt from a Jelly Roll.


Janice loves pantographs, but on this one she decided to go a with a light custom. My Kerrose pattern over the strips….


A leaf design in the Sashing…..


And diagonal cross-hatching over the floral print…..


What is the difference between light custom and custom? The work custom means: made or performed according to personal order. Or in a quilters world, quilting that is specifically designed and thought out to fit a quilt and make it unique, and something that is not edge to edge. There are various levels of custom. Light would be quilting that is relatively faster to accomplish. This would be an example of light custom…

Janice was very pleased with the results. And that is what I strive for! Oh, sooooooo glad I found this amazing job, with all these amazing people that come with it! Have I mentioned, I LOVE what I do?!…..

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