Indian Summer

I have gotten a little behind with blogging! Life…..

I am back to quilting customer quits, but still have a few of our quilts to blog about that I finished in January. This is one of Roger’s, a Judy Neimeyer called Indian Summer that he finished last summer (or maybe even before that). It’s kinda like the shoemakers bare feet children…..


We decided this would be a good Judy pattern to put a pantograph on. I used “Falling Leaves,” and we were very pleased with the results. Even more pleased that it was DONE!!!



Last picture is of the back….


Now I just need to get the binding on…

So another one done, another loaded and lots more to play on! What job could be better?! LOVE what I do…..

2 responses to “Indian Summer

  1. now that’s one Judy pattern I could actually see myself doing! I love it, and the panto is awesome, may have to add that to my collection. Thanks for sharing as always!

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