Feathered Star on Fire….

I quilted another of Roger’s Feathered Stars recently. Actually this was his 1st version, a close copy of one of Judy’s colour ways….


I wanted to quilt this one a little less densely than the other one. When I was done I was not sure I had succeeded in that. Then we hung it right under the other Feathered Star in our classroom, and I noticed it is a good inch larger, so I guess it is quilted a little less dense!

The next picture is poor, but I am showing it anyways. It shows the detailing between the star points. I was trying to quilt it like the star was bursting into fire….


A Bette picture, this one shows the sun like motif that I learned from Laura Heine, a favourite of mine….


In the background of the feathers I quilted a flame like design…


A little swirly design that I thought added to the fire feeling…


More Swirls in the center…



The 1st thing I quilted was the top border. I used this cable design. Now that the quilt is done, I am not so sure it goes with the rest of the quilting…but it’s done, and it will do….


A few more pictures…




So there you have it, a Feathered Star, on Fire, the quilting that is! It was very fun to quilt! I soooooooooo much love what I do…..


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