There is a story behind this name! And I will tell it, but 1st, about the quilt….It is made by my friend Janice Steiner, Queen of baby quilts! A simple modern feeling baby quilt, with fabrics from Art Gallery Fabrics….


When Janice was making this one she asked me if I had a panto with cabbage roses on it. I did not, but in typical “Ardelle” style, I said, “I can do cabbage roses without a panto!” Then again typical Ardelle style, I got out my sketchbook to start drawing. WELL…. 1st attempts were not very good… fact they were bad…..OH NO…What have I done…..OK, calm down and keep drawing….keep drawing….my design stared to look better and eventually developed into….




And the view from the back…


So back to the story. Janice was thrilled with the design and immediately said you should call it Kerrose. That is Kerr for my last name, and rose for….you follow! But that is not the end of the story. Kerrose was actually the name of the Kerr family dairy farm, Kerr for our surname, and Rose from Camrose, the name of the city we live 3 miles from. The dairy heard was sold 5 years ago, but we still live on our farm. Janice knew that I was very sentimental about the farm name….

This design is so fun to do, I think it will be a regular….cause it is sew fun! Oh how I LOVE WHAT I DO!…..


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