Silk Hearts

My daughter Kathleen Kerr recently finished this machine embroidery quilt. She first saw this pattern when at Quilt Market with us 3 years ago, when she started obsessing about it! She now has an embroidery machine so she was finally able to make it. She was thrilled with the end product…..


Kathleen brought it to me to quilt, and left the design choices up to me! I love that kind of freedom! I used it as a chance to try some designs from a new book I just got called “Sashing and Border Designs,” by Linda Rech. I found the designs in Linda’s book easy to execute, I think I will use them lots.

I also used a few designs from a classes I took from Myrna Ficken, Karen McTavish, and Dustin Farrell. You could say this was a good review piece!

The quilt is made with Dupioni Silk. I love the way this silk quilts up! The stitching looks so luxurious …

Here are some close ups…


















So I was a little intimidated starting this one! Knowing how much the stitching shows up on silk, I talked myself into a state of…procrastination! I looked at design after design, I sketched, I gathered thread, I phoned my Mom for a chat, I booked an appointment….. Well, once I started I was laughing at myself, it was not so hard…. šŸ™‚

I was kinda sad when I got to the bottom edge; I was having so much fun, I did not want to quit! Ya see, I really LOVE what I do…..

3 responses to “Silk Hearts

  1. This is absolutely beautiful! You used an amazing array of quilting designs that were perfectly suited to this heart quilt. You really inspire me when I see pictures of your quilting! Keep up the good work!

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