Funky Feathers

This was so fun to work on! It is another of Roger’s, and another Judy Neimeyer design called Feathered Star. Feathered Star is one of my very favorite of Judy’s patterns!


The evening before I loaded this quilt, Roger and I were discussing how I should quilt it. Generally I do not quilt feathers on Judy’s Star patterns, as I do not think feathers fit a star theme. Anyways Roger said to me, “I think you should quilt feathers on this one, it is called Feathered Star after all.” I thought about it a minute and said, how about funky feathers?! This is a style of feathers I have been playing with on paper since I took a class from Dustin Farrell last spring, and have not actually quilted on a real quilt yet. We both got excited about the idea, so, I started drawing again. This is what I came up with….









Roger likes metallic thread, so as you can see, I added a little. This is a metallic thread from Marathon threads that has a bit of a holographic effect, picking up on the colours around it, so it looked purple in the borders and teal on the teal diamonds…

I also got brave with my thread colour choice on the navy fabric. Rather than choosing a navy, I picked a dark teal. I love how it looked….

We were very pleased with how it turned out! And those Funky Feathers were so fun to stitch out! I could hardly wait to get to work each day! Silly me, I was drawing the feathers in the air with my finger each morning as we Roger drove us to town! See, I really do LOVE what I do!

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