Common Bride Quilt ( nothing common about it!)

January is the month I mostly catch up on quilting our own quilts. Last week I quilted a top of my own. I started this one in August and finished it in December. There was a lot of play here!


The pattern is called Common Bride, designed by Edyta Sitar or Laundry Basket Quilts.

I am kinda funny when I quilt my own quilts. Sometimes I cannot seem to make up my mind! I draw, start something, rip, start over, get half finished and wish I would have chosen something different…. Not sure why I have such trouble on my own, when I find it so easy to know what to do on my customers quilts! Saving grace: I always am happy when I finish! This quilt was one of those! I hatted the background I choose for it, but had to much finished when I decided that, so I carried on. When I was finished and took it off the frame, I was surprised, it looked great!

Here is some pictures of the background…







In the pieced block, I made a circle through the four patches with my Circle Lord attachment. Then a continuous curve pattern through the diamonds…


In the border more continuous curve…


In the feathered star, continuous curve ….


In the pieced flower, a continuous curve with an added little swirl…


And I the smashing, a swirly line design…


And that is about it! So happy with the results! Next time I will try not to stress so much!

Now just because I was second guessing my choice, does NOT mean I was unhappy quilting it, I had a blast playing with those swirling designs! Cause ya know, I LOVE what I do….


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