How to Make a Hanging Sleeve

A couple of days ago I was asked how I make my hanging sleeves. I decided it would be a good tutorial for this blog. Just remember, this is how I do it, there are many other acceptable ways….

I add hanging sleeves to everything I make! Why? It is easier to do it before putting on binding, and I never know for sure what I may hang or where it may hang in the future. I use my leftover backing fabric, so it blends in- no one will know it’s there unless they look. It is not bulky, even if the quilt never hangs, it does not hurt to have it on.

Here is what I do:

Cut a piece for your sleeve. I like to use my leftover backing so it blends into the back. Cut a strip a little longer than your quilt and at least 6″ wide. I prefer to cut 8″ wide so it will fit on any size of rod.

Press under about 1/2″ on one end and stitch down with blending thread colour.

Press casing in half, wrong sides together.

Line raw edges up with raw edges of top of quilt, starting about 1″ from edge of quilt. Pin about every 4″ till you are almost at the other edge of the quilt. Your casing will be longer than the quilt at this point.


Fold over end of casing so it is about 1″ shorter than quilt.

I liked to make my casings shorter than the quilt so it is easier to turn the corner when applying binding. In other words, I am leaving room for the binding to go around the corner.


Trim to about 1/2″ seam allowance.

Stitch in place. Finish pinning in place.

Incidentally, this is also a great time to add a label. If I don’t add one now, it seems I NEVER get around to it….

Ignore the casing and apply binding in your favorite method.

One step left. The folded edge needs hand stitched in place. My most important tip is for this part! Do notlay the casing flat with the quilt and stitch it in place like this…


Why not? When the casing is flat with the quilt, the rod has no where to sit, so it budges the quilt out on the front: not an attractive look!


So instead, after my binding is completely stitched down, so I know where the edge of the binding will be, I fold the casing straight up where it is attached by the binding, and then fold it down again even with the top edge…

It will leave room to insert a rod…

And the rod will not show from the front….


Your done!

And doesn’t it look good!

Ardelle (RoseCity Quilter)


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