“Fancy Bits”

My longarm is set up in our classroom at our store, Quilting From the Heart ( http://qfth.ca/ ). Quilts on my frame are seen by a lot of people; my staff, students in classroom, my friends, etc. people are always interested in what Imam quilting, but this one drew a lot of attention. Many commented on how they liked the “pop” of red…..


Sharon Hanna made this beautiful Prairie Star by pattern maker Judy Neimeyer. Judy has also has a pattern Hawaiian Star, which is the same quilt, done in different colours.

Sharon and I discussed the quilting possibilities, and both agreed that we wanted it to look like a star, or exploding type designs. I drew out some ideas for her, but she mostly left it up to me, and as I’ve mentioned before, I love it when that happens. 🙂

People often ask how I come up with my designs. LOL! That is a complicated question, with lots of answers, but…. I like to get a new quilt loaded at the end of a day or before a break, like lunch. Them I SAS! (Stand and Stare!) Next out comes the plexiglass and dry erase markers and I start doodling. Then I step away, go home for the night or go for lunch. When I come back, it is amazing how often an idea just pops in my head.

When quilting Prairie Star, there is a spot I have always struggled with, and this time after I let it simmer overnight, I came back and said, “Ah Hu!”


I realized that if I split up this space (the light blue space), if was easier to find a design that worked. I was thrilled with the results, and it has inspired more designs for the area in my head. I better get them sketched out before I forget! Here is a closer look…


Here are some more pictures of the rest….












Sharon is from Calgary, and so will not be able to see it right away, so I sent her some pictures. This was her response: “Oh Ardelle, it looks gorgeous – I can’t wait to get my paws on it and pet all the fancy bits!! I especially love the patterns in the light spikes around the outside… Thank you.”

No wonder I love what I do!

Next up, Sharon’s mothers Dragon Star Quilt…..off to practice a design I want to use…..


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