Jane Austen Quilt!

The best part of my job is having a small part in some pretty amazing quilts! And this one is breathtaking….


Jean Rawson pieced this quilt as a gift for her daughter who was graduating with a history degree. Her daughter is a big fan on Jane Austen. Jean did some research and discovered that Jane had made a quilt top (it was never quilted), and so Jean made a replica of it for her daughter! She did an amazing job of choosing fabrics and of piecing this difficult quilt! Those diamonds in the border finish at 3/4″!

Jean asked me what quilting would be authentic. I laughed and told her hand quilting! All joking aside, I did my best to make the quilting fit the quilt…






The last one is the back. The quilting in the border is hard too see, it is a rope pattern.

I feel honoured to have been able to quilt this exquisite quilt!

Like I keep saying, I LOVE what I do…..


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