Dancing Umbrella

This quilt is so adorable! I love it! Janice Steiner made the quilt top for a sample for our store Quilting From the Heart. It will be a kit at our store soon. The pattern is from Laundry Basket Quilts, designed by Edyta Sitar. I am a big fan of Edyta’s, and this pattern is no exception….


Janice asked if I had a raindrop panto in advance of bringing it in, and I was able to find this one for her, we both love this panto….



I love doing custom work, but I also really enjoy a quick panto like this one!

I get asked a lot what I charge for my quilting. There is not one price. A quilt like this one will be a lot less than say one of the custom quilted Judy Neimeyer’s. it all has to do with the time it takes. Have a look at the tab Services for more information on pricing.

Once again, I cannot help saying, “I LOVE what I do!”


4 responses to “Dancing Umbrella

  1. I loooove this quilt. I have used this raindrop panto once or twice in the course of my work but it has never looked as good as it does on your Dancing Umbrella quilt. Well done to both you and Janice for great choices.

  2. Oh, so do I . Very lovely quilt. I am a new quilter and started with log cabin blocks as I thought that would be an easy place to begin. NOT ! ! ! Just when I think I have it down pat, I mess it up again. There has to be a tried and true way of doing it. I have checked out so many books drawn diagrams, precut strips and then tried to do it with un cut strips cutting as I go but I still can’t seem to get them to all come out right. ERrrr…. your quilt is beautiful. I think I am going to try something else and come back to my log cabin blocks.

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