So Simple, So Fun!

Where to start!?! šŸ™‚

This amazing quilt was designed and pieced by my friend Deanne Morrow! It will be a pattern soon, and she is entering it in Quiltcon ( )


I was so excited to quilt this quilt, I love the funky little bursts of curvy colour! As usual I started drawing on my plexiglass, testing a variety of designs. This time though the more I drew, the less I knew what I wanted to do. Could it have been because I was working in the evening?!

So I packed it in and went home. After a good nights sleep, the next day, it came to me right away what I wanted to do. I quilted a curvy pattern that seemed to echo the curvy bits in the piecing design….


And I added some simple horizontal lines to fill the space….


In the curvy bits I had planned to quilt a variety of designs, but after I SID (stitch in ditch) them, I felt they popped so nice the way they were, so I left them blank….


So simple, so Fun!

I can’t wait for Deanne to get this pattern published, I think it’s a winner!

Did I ever mention, I LOVE my Job!!!


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