This beautiful quilt belongs to Barb! It is a Irish Chain she made for herself, and she requested something Celtic like. I had no celtic patterns so started thinking and researching Celtic patterns, and came up with a simulation using my Circle Lord Basic Unit or circle maker…


It was fun to use my Circle Lord to make this pattern! I love the accuracy and ease of use of the Circle Lord, I need to use it more, it is a great tool!

I used my Circle Lord Basic Unit again to make an interlocking circle border…


In the narrow border strips, I did a little chain….


In the chain part of the quilt, I did a continuous curve pattern….



I used a new to me metallic thread from Fil-tech and it was fabulous! Not one break!

A few more pictures…




I was very pleased when Barb’s reaction was “Oh, yeas that looks Celtic!” I love it when a customer is happy!

I am going to write a tutorial on the continuous curve very soon. In the mean time, I am havering so much fun! Did I ever mention, I LOVE WHAT I DO!?!


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