Rubber Duckies your the ones….

Rubber duckies your the ones, you make bath time lots of fun!

My daughter Kathleen and her fiancé Rocky collect rubber ducks. They have all sorts of unusual rubber ducks. They have recently moved back to Camrose to help us expand our business, by managing our new store, The Sewing Center! Kathleen was browsing at embroidery machine patterns to make a sample for our store and came across this collection of Rubber Ducks! She started embroidering them at the store, and Rocky (who had never sat at a sewing machine before), became intrigued and started changing threads at color changes, and pretty soon I became Rocky’s project. After he had done a few he decided to put them together like ducks sitting around the edge of a bathtub.


He wondered if I could quilt it like waves, and I said “Easy!”


He then wondered about bubbles?!


I decided to add a Water that looked a little calmer at the bottom of the tub, and of course a few bubbles like always collect around the edge of a tub….


The ducks sitting on the tub where more of a challange, as tubs are smooth not textured. I needed some sort of quilting as the inside was quilted quite dense, so I the end I quilted parallel lines….(not a great picture but…)


The ducks themselves needed a little quilting too, or they would have stood up like a bubble, so I used invisible thread and stitched around a few key features like the wing or a guitar, or whatever divided up the embroidery.

The best part was how pleased Rocky was! I guess that’s why I LOVE what I do so much…. 🙂



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