Thread color…..

Edie Johnson recently brought me another quilt to finish for her. Edie is a real sweetheart, I think very highly of her, but like so many of us she is her own worst critic! She was concerned that the quilt was a little “too peach.” She found it easy to choose the panto, but when it came time to choose the thread we were really struggling. We were looking at every peach or almost peach thread I had and none of them looked good. I am not sure if it was Edie or I that thought of blue thread, but at soon as we unrolled it,we said Ah Ha!!! It should have been the place I started after her comment about too much peach….


Edie happened to be in the store after I had just stitched one row. When she saw it she said,”Oh Yes! That is the right choice.”. I love it when a customer is happy with our choices!



By using a blue thread, rather than a blending thread, I think we really changed the effect of the quilting and possibly the effect of the quilt…

Did I ever mention I Love what I do?…..

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