Prairie Star

As well as the One Block Wonder I blogged about a few days ago, I also quilted a Prairie Star for Myrna Moline last week.


Prairie Star is another Judy Neimeyer Pattern, and Myrna’s colors are fabulous! The only specification Myrna gave me was to not quilt it very dense. So, once again I started drawing ideas, using my plexiglas and dry erase pen. See my post Plexiglass, Dry Erase Markers and Imagination for more details:

I did a LOT of drawing and was not happy with any of my ideas. Then I had to leave to go to an appointment with my Optrition. Of course he was running very late so I was looking at a magazine and saw a picture of an arch way and my mind lept back to Myrna’s quilt and I thought to myself I wonder if I found use that shape, and quilt it into the border. So here I am in the waiting room, inspired, but with no pen or paper, so I started playing with a drawing app on my phone, and by the time the Doctor called me in I had a plan!!! Here is how I quilted the border….



I like to repeat major design elements used in a quilt in other places, so I used the same idea in the caramel background….


Next I decided to add a little swirly design in these spikes….


And in the center I repeated the swirly design in the center, and added a sun like flourish in the cream background around the center….


And last but not least I added my line dancing motif in the diamonds. I use this design a lot….


Here’s a closer look, color not great in this photo…..


I hope Myrna likes it, cause I sure do!

I am having a busy week and not getting any time to longarm till Friday. I am really missing it! Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE WHAT I DO?!!!


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