Black, White and Red…..

My friend Glenna Ramsay loves black, white and red quilts. I quilted two for her this week. The 1st is for her son, the pattern is a tossed nine patch. Glenna has wanted to have me quilt the double ribbon on something of here’s since the 1st time she saw it. We decided this was the right quilt for it….



The second quilt, also a tossed nine patch, has sashing and a border added. We choose a new panto of mine called Petal Pushers….




The quilting on these quilts does not show a lot, but that is what we wanted. There is enough going on in the quilts, that heavy quilting is not needed. We looked at red thread, and though it would have showed up better, we felt it would be overpowering.

I also finished another of Roger’s quilts as well, I will blog about it sometime this weekend. Meanwhile, a beautiful one block wonder is on the frame! I am having such fun, can’t wait to show you what I am doing on it!

Did I ever mention I LOVE what I do?…….


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