Beulah’s Star Irish Chain

I finished this quilt last week for Beulah Isaac. Beulah made this quilt for her granddaughter and was very excited to get it quilted. The granddaughter lives far away and Beulah got a chance to go see her at the end of this month, and was very glad to be able to take it with and present it herself.

Beulah is a sweetheart, one of my favorite customers! She is always kind and very easy to work with. She brought the quilt in on a very busy day for a consult. When she saw how busy we were, she just left it, mentioning only that she would like some kind of circle in the star centers. Well I forgot we had not done a proper consult till I went to put it on, so I phoned her and she said just do whatever you want, I trust you. 😀


So in the star centers I used my Circle Lord board 7 Treasures of Buda, only I just used one circle instead of the whole board….


Then I used a leaf motif Around the circle….


Then I used a simple squiggly line a cross the Cordero’s of the chain. In my drawing I tried a continuous line curve, but found it overpowering, I liked e simplicity of the squiggle better…


Then I used a swirl in the green squares next to the chain….



Then in the borders I repeated the swirls in the narrow border, and the leaves in the other borders….



I was not in when Beulah picked it up. Apparently she was very happy with the quilt as she brought us Cinnamon buns the next day, and I was not in again, then she left me a voice mail and then she finally talked to me on the phone and said she could not stop looking at it! Like I said, she is such a sweetheart!

I am trying to catch up on posts, so talk to you soon….


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