Judy Niemeyer Quilting Marathon….Part 4

Judy’s arrival for our workshops with her is just around the corner!  I am behind on my blogging on this, I actually finished this one Friday morning. This one is Bali Wedding Ring Star Bed Runner.  It is pieced by Roger Kerr (my dear hubby!) and of course the pattern is by Judy Niemeyer!  I really like the colors in this one, well done Roger!

I love how the thread show up so well on the star!  In real life it is almost glows! And of course I love stitching swirls in those points on Judy’s patterns:

I asked Roger if he wanted feathers or leaves in the background, and without hesitation he said leaves.  I really like how they turned out….

More leaves in the background, they were so fun to stitch out…

For the rings, I decided a simple continuous curve worked well.

Judy arrives on Tuesday afternoon and so I am finished quilting, just resting up now.  One more quilt to blog about, maybe tomorrow….


PS.  Despite the long hours in this marathon I’ve been on, I LOVE WHAT I DO!….



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