Judy Niemeyer Quilting Marathon….Part 3

It really is a marathon, I’ve been quilting about 12 hours a day.  Good thing I love it so much…

Last night I finished my Cactus Rose.  I started piecing this in March, and after many interruptions (surgery, trip to the UK, trip to Quilt Market, hosting Retreat,…), I just finished it on Saturday. Now it is quilted already!  I love it!

When I was picking fabric I tried to pick backgrounds that reminded me of a sunset.  So when I was choosing quilting designs, I decided to quilt heat rays from the lightest background.  These lines also served as a divider between sections when I was quilting it….

In the center, I used the same echoed curves that I used on Glenna’s Glacier Star as I really liked how it accented the points.

Next to the Star I quilted little circles.  No reason, I just like them….

Then I filled the space with a collection of my favorite designs….

1st time I’ve quilted a dragon fly, it was really fun to quilt, and there are several of them….

A cool little fern inspired by Angela Walters, it was really fun to do, I will use that design again, and again, and again….

The outside border got a swirly feather….and the pieced inner border (green and pinks) I just stitched in the ditch.  I had used 2 batting’s, cotton on the bottom and washable wool on the top, so  by just ditching this border it puffed up kinda like trapunto….

It was really fun to stitch out all these patterns.  Had been wanting to try that for some time.  It used a lot of thread!  I measure thread by the number of bobbins I use, and I used 25 bobbins on this one!!!

So the next up is a little smaller, a bed runner of Roger’s, from Judy’s pattern Bali Wedding Star Bed Runner pattern. Here is a sneak peek….

Should finish is tomorrow.  Until then, hope your having as much fun as me!….


4 responses to “Judy Niemeyer Quilting Marathon….Part 3

  1. Ardelle, your quilting is amazing! Pure eye candy, for us quilters that are newer to the long arm arena. Thank you for continuing to inspire me with your beautiful work.

  2. Ardelle,, your work is a world of gifted wonder! Thanks so much for sharing with us. You are a great inspiration! My goal to finish my glacier star sooner!

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