Judy Niemeyer Quilting Marathon….(Part 2)

Been quilting so much I am having trouble keeping up with the blog!  I finished this Glacier Star 2 days ago!  It was pieced by Liz Maki, and she was a student in on of Roger’s (my hubby) classes.  Once again I love the colors, and it was so fun to work on!

I started with this border design, kinda fun to do.  I used metallic thread, which Liz loves!  Liz was sewing at the store the day I started this and she really liked this border.


I kept the design in the flying geese simple, the goose puffs up a bit, and I liked the effect…


Opps, a stray thread in the picture!  The disign in the 1/4 circle is based on the border design, but i used blending thread, did not want to use too much metallic…

A little ruler work to set off the points.  The feathers got a little swirl. Hard to see but the points in the center have a little metallic thread design.,…


For so long I used one design in diamonds because it was so fun to stitch.  Now I am trying different designs in diamonds,  and quite liked this one,…

The center design is in metallic thread again….


I repeated elements from the border design in the center for uniformity….



And so that is Liz’s Glacier Star!  As I said, it was so fun to work on!  Did I ever mention how much I love what I do???….

Next up…well I actually finished it this evening, so next blog is on my Cactus Rose!  Judy Niemeyer will be in Camrose next week to teach for us, and so I am trying to get as many samples as possible quilted!  We will see how many more I can get done…



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