Judy Niemeyer Quilting Marathon…(Part 1)

Judy Niemeyer will be at Quilting From the Heart July 18-22!  That is 10 days away!  YIKES!  I have more Judy quilts to quilt than there is time to do.  Sew starts the marathon…

1st up is a Glacier Star pieced by Glenna Ramsay. I think she choose fabulous colors, don’t you?  And she did such a great job of putting it together, which makes my job so much easier….

Glenna said, do whatever you want!  I love it when I am given a free reign!  This is the 3rd Glacier Star I have quilted and will not be the last.  I like to do each one a little different, and am amazed how many more ideas I have…

In the very center I kept the design simple, and used metalic thread, which Glenna loves.  I did not want to stitch right to the center as there is a lot of seams coming together, so I stitched a circle to avoid going through all those seams…

Next I used the same thread and made wiggly lines that radiate from the center feathered star, kinda like it’s exploding!

In the diamonds I usually stitch the same thing, but this time I wanted to try something different.  I really like this design!

And in the flying geese, a simple little loop, and on the outside of the flying geese, some swirls, my favorite design to stitch.

In the spikes a matching thread was used, don’t want to overuse the metallic! In the feathered strip a few stacked circles gave a neat texture.

Feathers on the purple filled the space quickly.

Metalic thread on the flying geese bands seemed to look the best.  Again just a little loopy design…

In the spikes a radiating curve really seemed to make the spikes pop!

One down!  And it was such fun!  Someone will say so much work, but I say so much play!

Next up, another Glacier Star!

Did I ever mention I love what I do?!….


2 responses to “Judy Niemeyer Quilting Marathon…(Part 1)

  1. Just beautiful!! I’ve seen a few of your Judy N quilts and each one is quilted wonderfully! That metallic thread is so pretty on this one.

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