Cheating again! This time marking a design…

I guess I like short cuts or as Mom would call it, cheating!

I have two favorite marking tools, both by Clover.

The marking gauge is so useful!  It locks at the measurement you set it at, so when using the ruler it does not move as you are working, like the previous gauge I used for years did! It has short parallel straight edges, great for making short lines, but I also find useful for marking a set distance from a curved edge.  And one end of this ruler is a compass!

The pen is great for making on dark fabrics.  When you 1st draw you think it is not working, then momentarily a white line appears.  Best part, it comes out with the heat of an iron!!!

These pens are also a favorite of mine.  They are Frixion pens and come out with frixion, or again heat from an iron.  I have them in every color!

Here I am marking a line 1 1/2″  and 2″ from the seam.  

I set the ruler at 1 1/2″ and made little marks every inch or so all along the curved edge.  Then I just connected the dots with the pen.  Now stitch the design and use the iron to remove marks.  The results: (sorry this picture is hard to see, I am going to try again Monday…)

Love those short cuts!  No Mom it’s not cheating….


4 responses to “Cheating again! This time marking a design…

  1. That looks so much easier how you explained that.I used to have one of th0se gauges back in the days when I sewed a lot of my kids clothes. I bent it once and have never got another one. Thought it would be more for sewing, not quilting.
    Do you use the compass? Is it there for a reason?

    • Jean, yes I have used the compass. Works great for drawing circles. I drew little circles right on my quilt yesterday with it, then stitched on my markings. I have also used it to make circle templates for applique. I think it’s on the gauge just cause they could!

  2. I love the way you cheat!! 🙂 Those little white clover pens are nice for dark fabrics and the marks come out so easily.

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