Cheating (avoiding stops and starts)!

My Mom (a quilted most of her adult life) is always teasing me that I’m “cheating” when I use my shortcuts and tools! She is amazed at times how easy things are now compared to when she started quilting.  My Mom is so cute, and as dearly as I love her, I think I shall continue “cheating!”  Here is one way I cheat….

When doing custom quilting, I try and avoid stops and starts like the plague!  Not only is a stop and start a place the stitching can come loose, they are often unsightly (especially on the back) and they take time (and time is money).  So when stitching out a design in an area, I often run up the ditch to the next area rather than tying off. For example:

Stitch the design in area one. Sneak over to ditch.

Stitch the design in area two.  In this case I was backtracking down the circles to get to the next space.

Another example (same quilt).  Stitch the design.

Sneak down the ditch.

Stitch the next design.

Finished block, only one start and one stop.

Sometimes it does not work so well.  In this case no room to stitch back to the side I can sneak down the ditch.  I have two choices.  I can tie off and start again where I need to, or I can carefully backtrack in the same path I just came in to get back.  On this quilt I did both of these options a couple of times.

So my Mom would call this cheating, but I think it’s smart!


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