Lone Star with lots of ruler work….

My customer Alans Toews made this quilt top for her daughters wedding. I think her daughter is a very lucky girl, such a beautiful quilt…

Alana  wanted custom on this one, but wanted it lightly quilted.  After some discussion and lots of drawing with my plexiglass (see my post called Plexiglass, Dry Erase and Imagination…) Alana really liked lots of straight lines in the quilting.

I really like how the lines that radiate from the star add to the star burst effect!  They took a long time to do, I find ruler work very slow, but the effect was worth it….

Next up, two Glacier Stars from two different customers.  Till then….



7 responses to “Lone Star with lots of ruler work….

  1. Beautiful piecing and it shines through with the ruler work you did on the quilt. So nice to see straight lines used here as I think it enhance the quilt so much better. G

  2. Rulerwork is slow and tedious; but the results, especially here, are fabulous! Great job!!

  3. Ardelle, you made this quilt glow! All that ruler work is amazing and so hard to do. I’m sure the daughter is going to love this beauty.

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