Up and Running Again!

Been kinda slow the last 2 weeks.  My Milli (my longarm) was limping for awhile, not quilt working right, but usable.  My part arrived Tuesday, hooray!  I was also off for a few days for a staff retreat for my store staff.  We had a blast at my parents place sewing, visiting, eating great food made by my Mom and being entertained by my Dad.

Mom welcoming us….

Our fabulous view…

Here a a couple of quilts I did recently with edge to edge designs. This one is pieced by Darlene Gill and the panto I used we Purple Meadow by Urban Elementz.

And this one is piece by Kathy (Can’t remember her last name, I will fix this tomrrow).  The quilting panto I used was by Willow Leaf Studio.

On the frame now, a Lonestar, with simple custom, next post will feature this quilt. Till then, have a great Canada Day my Canadian quilting friends!






6 responses to “Up and Running Again!

  1. Doesn’t it feel good to be up and running again! I love the pictures, especially the one where everyone is sewing away in that beautiful room and your mom greeting you 🙂 It looks like everyone was having a great time!!

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