Incidental Lesson on Bobbin Thread Color Choice….

My customer Debbie Bruneau came in today to pick up her Wedding Ring Star Bedrunner and pillow shams, made from a Judy Niemeyer pattern. Her reaction was the most precious reaction I have gotten!  To say the least, she was very pleased, to the point of crying.  She made my day, maybe my week!  Sometimes it’s more than the paycheck that matters in this business and this was one of those times… 🙂

Debbie made this as a wedding gift for her daughter.  I love the effect of the neutrals she picked to make it with!  When she brought it in I played with some designs on my plexiglass  and this is what she choose:

A continuous line pattern on the wedding rings, with a variegated thread…

Swirls in the background of the rings, in a light colored thread.  I love stitching Swirls….

More swirls in the star, this time in a dark variegated thread…

Swirls in the background of the star…

And more of the same on the pillow shams…

I often have clients ask for thread that matches the back in the bobbin, which I advise against.  If tension is even a little off, and sometimes even when it is balanced, when the bobbin thread does not match the top thread, knots show on both the top and the bottom of the quilt and it is not a pretty look.  When the bobbin matches the top thread, the stitches look great, and the back looks like a whole cloth quilt! Look how pretty the back is…

Here is a picture of a student’s quilt (Trudy Mizibrocky) and the back of her quilt.

She wanted to use a white bobbin thread with the bright variegated thread on the top.  I talked her into using the red bobbin thread instead.  She was thrilled with the new pattern on the back, and was so glad she listened to me.

So how do I choose a bobbin thread when using variated thread?  I look for  a thread with the same value as the variegated thread.  When I select a spool for the bobbin, I roll some out, lay it across the top spool and if it blends, that is a good choice. And remember, darker and duller is better than lighter and brighter!

And if you really don’t like the look of bobbin threads that do not match the back, pick a busy print for the back!  You can’t see the bobbin thread with a busy back…

So that’s it, a lesson out of these quilts- Choose bobbin thread to match top thread!

Happy quilting my friends….


2 responses to “Incidental Lesson on Bobbin Thread Color Choice….

  1. Thank you for this quilting lesson on bobbin thread. I have had some quilts quilted & have not been happy with a dark thread on a very light backing, but now I see why. Thank you.

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