Make it pop….

My customer Loretta brought me her quilt and said “I don’t care what you do, just make the 3-D pinwheels pop!”  J I just love being given free rein on a quilt.  So where to start….

Her one request was the obvious starting point, so out came my plexiglass and dry erase (if you have not read my blog Plexiglass, Dry Erase and Imagination, you should) …

After some thought I decided the best way to make those pinwheels pop was to stitch right into the inner points of the pinwheels.  I also wanted to play on the four pointed stars in the blocks and so in my mind the pinwheels became spinning stars, and swirls popped into my head.  So I played with my dry erase and this is what I came up with:

I lifted the folded part of the pinwheel and stitched the swirl right under it to flatten the fabric under the pinwheel  and that helped the pinwheel “Pop!”

In the four pointed star, I stitched what I think of as a spinning star.

I used a Rainbow variegated thread from Superior threads, in colors that picked up on the quilt, yet did not blend in too much.  I was thinking of star colors when I picked it.  I was very pleased with how the thread added to the effect.


For the outer border, I wanted something simpler that would frame the quilt so I settled on piano keys.

Sew much fun, can’t wait to do another quilt with 3-D parts!


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