Shooting Stars!

I have been away a lot lately, not at my Longarm, but lots of time with my computer, so I am blogging about a few quilts I did before I started this blog.

Shooting Stars is a quilt I made in 2009 from a Laundry Basket Quilts (Edyta Sitar) pattern by the same name. I actually saw the stars as a flower, not a star, and that was in my mind as I quilted it…

The center of each star has a 3-D effect that Edyta calls “bloom.”  I loved the effect, and wanted to accent it with my quilting.  So after a lot of sketching on my plexiglass, I decided to quilt this simple design right into the bloom area, to flatten the quilt, making the “bloom” pop out from the quilt a little….

Then I added a simple little flower in the centers…

And finished with a simple design in the background….

And so my Shooting Stars became Shooting Star Flowers!


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