Guardian Angels…

I finished this quilt 3 years ago.  I was looking at the pictures tonight and decided I needed to write a blog post about it. I usually make a quilt for the enjoyment of it or because I find a pattern intriguing and want to make it. I am not the kind to attach meaning or analytical significance to my quilts. This quilt started the same way, but did not end that way.  Let me tell you my story…

I love angels!  I collect them!  I put them out in early December and leave them up till mid January. I wish I had a picture to show you, but I do not.  The angels in my collection are made of glass, pottery, lace, fabric, hardanger embroidery, wood, wire and then there are many quilted wall hangings.  So when the book (I forget the name at the moment and I am not at home so I will add this soon) this pattern was in arrived at Quilting From the Heart  in early July, I decided it would make the perfect project to make during our Christmas in July all day sewing day. Of course, I did not get it much more than barely started, but loved the cute angels and promised myself more time to work on it soon…

As usual, my busy life took over, the angels were forgotten. Then on January (2008), I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Still makes my heart race to say those words.  Surgery, appointments and treatments became my life.  I was no longer able to be at my treasured business more than to say hello.  Through that time I had many wonderful family members and friends who held my hand and stood beside me.  Driving out to have tea with me, showing up during treatments, bringing me food, shopping for me, sending me encouraging notes and e-mails, I tear up just thinking about them and how they reached out to me…

In July, a year after starting this quilt, Christmas in July rolled around a month after my last treatment and horary, I was feeling well enough to spend the day sewing with my friends!  As I was working on the 1st angel, my friend Janice, also a breast cancer survivor, challenged me to leave her hair off.  I loved the idea and soon she had a pink ribbon on her dress! 

Then I started the 2nd angel.  She soon became Janice in my head. 

And every angel took on the form of someone significant to me- Mom, my daughters (Kathleen, Jennifer and Victoria), Susan, Glenna, Janet, Yvonne, Lori, Loree; oops, there are more people I was thinking of than angels!  And what about all the men who stood by me?! Roger, Dad, Dad Kerr, Brent, Wes, Bruce…How loved I felt….

















Now came time to arrange the blocks on my design wall. By now the hairless angel was me, I put her in the center.  Then I started laying out the other angel blocks and realized they made a ring around my angel in the middle.  I realized at that moment that my family and friends had been my Guardian Angels during my crisis and had surrounded me with their love!

Thank you, all of you, I love you….


7 responses to “Guardian Angels…

  1. Great story – you left out the part that this angel quilt hangs all year – not just at Christmas – like your other angels!

  2. Hi Ardelle.I love this Angel quilt and your very special story.You have left me breathless.Many thanks for your tireless enthusiasm.You are an inspiration to us all. Fran

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