One pattern- two looks… (part 2)

It fascinates me how many different ways the same quilt can be quilted!  Did I say that before?!

Glenna’s Christmas Celebration

This Christmas Celebration (pattern by Judy Niemeyer) was made by Glenna Ramsay.  Glenna made it for her daughter, and picked colors that would work well in her home.  When she brought it to me to quilt, she commented that she was disappointed it did not look very “Christmasy.”  I loved her version and without thinking commented that “We can fix that with the quilting!”  Oh boy, I thought, now I have to deliver!  I looked at the quilt and decided to start my planning with the large triangles.  I have always loved drawing holly, so …

Metalic thread adds to the Christmas feel. OK, I liked that, so where else can I put holly? How about the small triangles…

What shall I do in the flying geese?  How about ribbon candy?  Kinda looks like a string of lights!

Now what shall I do in the center?  More holly!  It would be too much if I used it in all the points, so how about holly in the red parts and swirls in the rest…

And so goes the evolutions of a quilting plan!


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