One Pattern – Two Looks! (Part 1)

It fascinates me how many different ways the same quilt can be quilted! Guess I’m stuck in a train of thought; this post is also about one pattern, but two different piecers. The result – two distinctive looks.

The pattern is Judy Niemeyer’s Christmas Celebration.  When my hubby Roger was picking his fabrics he choose to make his as a tablecloth rather than a tree skirt.

Roger’s Christmas Celebration

So when I started planning the quilting, I took my cue from the colors.  It felt like summer to me, so I used a leafy motif in the small triangles.  As I worked with the design on my plexiglass a little swirl took shape with the leaf….

So if a swirl was in part of it I decided it should appear somewhere else as well, so I worked out a swirl design for the center star…

Next I considered the larger triangles.  The print on those triangles made it so most things I tried looked like they were competing with the pattern, so I tried straight radiating lines.  That looked better, but felt too stiff, so I softened them by making them a little wavy…

Finally the flying geese I picked a little flowery design.

Stay tuned, next blog will feature the same pattern, with very different results…


One response to “One Pattern – Two Looks! (Part 1)

  1. Your quilting on the Glacier quilts is so beautiful, and I’m loving these quilts. The colors and the color values make them so gorgeous. Wonderful quilts!

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