Two Glaciers (Part Two)

Continued from the last post…

Roger and I each choose our fabric for our quilts independently from the other and they are very different quilts.  Roger likes to flip the value placement in a quilt pattern, so he started with a box of crayons and a line drawing of the quilt and stared coloring with dark crayons where the light was in the pattern and with light crayons where the dark was on the pattern.  Pleased with his results, he started picking fabric and this is the result…

After some procrastination and a lot of other customer quilts, now it was time to put it on my Longarm!  As I mentioned before, when I ask Roger for input on quilting his quilt he always tells me “I make them for you to play on, do whatever you want…”  Well, I did, but I tried to make it suit Roger.  No feathers of any sort on this one.  I tried to make it star like, and more masculine than my quilt.

The center is similar to my center, but with some extra swirls.

In the geese around the center I quilted continuous swirls and in the background of those geese another swirly design I often use.

In the large points of the star I used a flame design and loved the effect….

…so I worked that flame pattern into the background of the little spikes…

…and again in the light colored ¼ circles.  Then the next row of geese I added a pointy design I think off as exploding parts of the star.

So there you have it.  One pattern,   two Glaciers…


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